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Meet Olivia Pignewton John.

Olivia is a 400 pound’ish, 5-year old Vietnamese pot-bellied pig rescue. She was rescued by her Mommy, Amanda, and lives in Mississippi.  She has two piggy sisters, Lola (12) and Jazzy Bell (3).

PE🐽NY: Where did you get Olivia from? We rescued Olivia on July 11, 2015, from Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  My sister saw her on Facebook and knew that she needed lots of love and that we could help her.  Our 3-year old pot-belly, Jazzy Bell, is also a rescue.

PE🐽NY: What are some of the hurdles you have to overcome with Olivia? Long and short-term goals? Our biggest issue is her weight. Her legs hurt her daily due to all of the extra weight and the years of being sedentary.  She needs to lose about 150-200 pounds. We give her Osteo Bi-Flex daily with an NSAID (Osteo Bi-Flex is a joint supplement. It will help heal cartilage and lubricate her joints.  We give her the NSAID when her legs hurt her really bad).  She also does not drink regular water because her previous owners gave her sweet tea. So, to make sure she gets fluids, we give her watered down Gatorade, for now. I think she will drink regular water eventually.  We keep watering down the Gatorade more and more. She loves to drink fresh water from her mud hole when I fill it up, but doesn’t like it in her bowl. I even tried 3 bowls!  Our long-term goal is to provide her with a happy and healthy beautiful life. Our short-term goal is to get her completely comfortable around us and earn her trust completely. 

PE🐽NY: What are Olivia’s favorite habits, things, etc.? Her favorite things to do are sleep, eat, graze and wallow in the mud. Grapes are her favorite. I think her favorite habit is greeting me (her mama) at the gate when it is time for her morning snack or dinner.

PE🐽NY: Where does Olivia sleep? She sleeps outside in a little house with a porch on it.  Right now she has comforters to lay on but we are fixing to change to straw due to the weather getting cooler.  She has plenty of space to move around in her house.  I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible and have a place all to herself and to feel secure.  She loves it so much.  Before Olivia came to live with us, she lived outside in a small yard. That is where she spent 5 years.  There was a bush that she made a ‘house’ out of by pushing her way to the middle.  It definitely was not adequate at all.  I wonder how she dealt with winter. It makes me sad to think she was cold.

PE🐽NY: Do all your pigs get along?  None of my pigs get along! Lola was an only-pig for 10 years.  Her and Jazzy have tried fighting it out several times but Lola got a bad infection from the last fight.  So they are not allowed to be together anymore.  They fight through the fence everyday though, lol.  While I am at work, Lola has free range of our 11-acres while Jazzy and Olivia are in their penned in yards, which are about 80 x 20 feet.  Each pig has their own yard space and house.  So, in the evening when we are home, Jazzy is allowed to free range and I walk with Olivia.  Olivia is not spayed so her temperament is not that great towards the other two.  I think out of the three, Jazzy and Olivia will get along the best.  I just can’t let them fight now because it wouldn’t be a fair fight.  Pigs have to establish a hierarchy and they do that by fighting.  It gets pretty bad when they fight too. I hate it!

PE🐽NY: What is one pig fact that non pig owners (and current pig owners) would be surprised to know? Pigs are very agile for their size.  I don’t think that most people know how high they can jump, say the bed for instance! They can run really fast too. Also they love to snuggle! And just because they are pigs doesn’t mean they are or should be fat!

P🐽ONY: Pork?  We don’t eat any pork products.  I grew up eating very little meat because my Mom didn’t eat meat much at all.  So, when I got Lola and realized how beautiful and amazing she is, I stopped eating it. I was 16 at the time and I am 28 now.  I have’t eaten pork in over a decade.  We avoid things that have gelatin in them as well.  Sometimes it’s really a challenge because certain medicines contain gelatin. It’s in so much stuff! My husband misses it sometimes, then I remind him of the horrors of factory farming and he loses his appetite.  

PE🐽NY: Any advice for those wanting to get a pig?  My advice for a potential pig owner is to do your research then do more research. Talk to actual pig owners, maybe even visit a pig sanctuary if possible. They are nothing like dogs or cats. They require special attention and can live quite a long time, 20 years if we’re lucky. It is not for everyone and 50% of people who obtain a pig as a pet get rid of them. It is a huge commitment!

Wow! Thank you, Olivia, for letting us share your story. We are so excited to follow your progress! You are a beautiful pig, and have so many adventures in store.  I think both you and your mommy are both very blessed to have found one another, as are we, to learn about precious pigs like you and angels like your mom.  Join us and follow Olivia’s progress with all of her other friends on Instagram @olivia_the_pigs_transformation.  Thank you for being my Outstanding Pig of the Week. You really are extraordinary, and I hope we can meet one day.  Love, PE🐽NY

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  1. I learned so much from you, Olivia and Amanda! Thank you! I never thought about gelatin. Now I’m going to be so much more aware. And we will get you that pig sanctuary one day. Dreams do come true, especially for amazing hearted people like you and your family. Love, Lauren (Peony’s Mama)


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