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Meet Lola.


If pigs could be supermodels, Lola would be at the top of her game.  Lola, aka Lola the Mini Pig, is an almost 8-month old, signature bow-clad, miniature piglet.  She weighs in around 7 pounds, YES, only seven, and lives in sunny Tucson, Arizona. Lola joined her new family (her mama Lizette, and Coco, a Bichon Frise) in April 2015, when she was just a little over a month old.

PE🐽NY: What was the inspiration in getting Lola? Did you always want a pig? Pigs are my favorite animal and I have always wanted one, I had just never really looked into getting one.  I was living in Madrid at the time (working on my master’s degree) and started to get a little homesick.  As a result from that, I did my research and after I found the perfect breeder, I paid a deposit without even thinking twice.  Best decision ever.

PE🐽NY: How did you find her breeder? Lola came from AZ Micro Mini Pigs in Queen Creek, Arizona.  I first found the breeders website, among many others, but after finding her Facebook page I knew she would be a perfect fit. Suzette was great at answering all my questions and never pressured me into purchasing a piglet from her.  She was very knowledgable and loves her job.  I was on a  waiting list for a little over a year.

PE🐽NY: What are Lola’s favorite things to do?  Lola loves to eat, sunbathe and sleep.  Her favorite snacks are celery and iceberg lettuce.  She also really has started to love our outdoor strolls . . . She is very independent and likes to walk on her own.  Lola also loves to go shopping and out to restaurants.  She definitely is not camera shy and loves all the attention she gets.  We have recently started going to the farmers market every Sunday morning . . . she loves laying on the grass to sunbathe while people watch.

PE🐽NY: Does Lola have any silly habits?  She loves to run around the house barking like a dog.  Coco (our Bichon Frise) gets scared when she does it, but it’s hilarious to watch.  She also loves to crawl under my head and take naps, kind of like a pillow that oinks!  We had a rough start, Miss Lola decided it was okay to wake up at 3:30 in the morning every day for a couple of months.  I am so glad I broke her from that habit.  Now she wakes up around 7:30-8 AM everyday.  Coco and I are very happy with her now, hahaha… we love our sleep.

PE🐽NY: How did you break her from the early wake up calls?  Lola would wake up and make me stay awake with her.  It got so crazy that I would literally get her a pig sitter for the weekend so that I could catch up on my sleep.  Her breeder advised me to not pay attention to her until it was a reasonable hour to be awake.  It didn’t really work because Lola would squeal so loud that I felt all of our neighbors could hear her.  Once she got spayed, I took advantage of Lola’s lack of energy from the surgery and wouldn’t open her bedroom door until 7:30-8 AM.  She fought it for a few days, but has grown to love her new schedule!  She likes to wake up a little earlier when our pig sitter is over, but only because she knows she will get away with it.

PE🐽NY: Where does Lola sleep?  Lola sleeps in her own room on top of a fluffy doggy bed with many warm blankets.  She also has a heat lamp in there that helps keep her warm at night.  She has a lot of space to run around and play with her toys.  Her room is basically set up according to the 4 corners.  Bed, water station, food station and litter box.  She seems to really enjoy this set up, especially around noon when she gets to nap under the warm sunshine in her room.  I also have 3 night lights in there to light up her water station, litter box and bed.  


PE🐽NY: Tell me about Lola’s infamous bows.  Bows are her FAVORITE accessory.  My favorite for her as well. Lola has around 50 bows (I know excessive, haha), and I make them all myself!  My grandmother made all my bows when I was young (I wish I would have saved them) and taught me how to make them. Bows are definitely Lola’s thing.  She just looks so adorable in them.

PE🐽NY: What does Lola do during the day when you are at work?  Lola has free range of the house.  She spends her mornings outside sunbathing with the occasional potty break and food break.  She has automatic feeders that run all day long, and so she knows her schedule very well. They dispense food every 2 hours, so she is always in her room when her food is about to drop. When she isn’t outside, she is in her room sleeping, playing with her balls and puzzles I leave hidden around the house for her to find, or in the living room napping on her dog bed out there.  

PE🐽NY: What is the biggest challenge you have had with Lola?  The biggest challenge has been getting used to her routine and adjusting the routine Coco and I already had in place.  Lola requires a lot of TLC, so I have grown accustomed to taking her with me practically everywhere (she is a registered Emotional Support Animal), and being home to put her to bed every night at 9 PM.  If I don’t feed Lola her dinner at that time, she gets very loud and will not stop screaming until she gets it.


PE🐽NY: What is one pig fact that non pig owners (and pig owners) may be surprised to hear? Pigs are extremely clean! Everyone warned me that my house was always going to be a mess, not to mention smelly.  To everyone’s surprise, including mine, Lola is the cleanest little girl in the world.  She has no scent to her, just the baby oil I rub on her.  She also NEVER has potty accidents.  She strictly uses her room litter box for number 1 and her outdoor litter box for number 2.  She is so funny.  It wasn’t until recently that she started going to the bathroom outside while we are on our daily walks and dog park visits.

PE🐽NY: Any advice for those wanting a pig?  Make sure you have the time to get to know your pig.  If you are never home, a pig is not the right pet for you.  If you give them the necessary time to adjust, you will see it is a very rewarding experience.  

Thank you, Lola, for letting me share your story. You are so tiny and beautiful, and VERY loved by your mama and everyone that meets you. You are a lucky pig and I am a lucky pig to be your friend.  I think it’s cool that there are so many different types of pigs out there, with unique stories, sizes, shapes, talents and personalities. We love visiting your instagram account @lolatheminipig and smiling at your adventures in this life.  Keep shining and smiling!  You are a special pig.   Love, PE🐽NY


  1. Lola the Mini Pig says

    Thank you so much Peony! I truly enjoyed reading it☺️ Can’t wait to meet you 😘


    • You are SO welcome!!! We loved learning about you! We have a question..
      What service did you use to register Lola as an Emotional Support Animal? Thanks!!!!


      • Lola the Mini Pig says

        We used NSARCO, their website is very straight forward and getting Lola registered as an emotional support animal was very simple. Take a look at the NSARCO website ☺️


  2. Olga Lohr says

    Wow! Lola is so famous! She’s also a model . . . I got socks with her picture on them!!!


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