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Meet Jamon.


This charming and very handsome three year old, 90’ish pound “micro pig,” who dons the hashtag #oinkmygod and takes pig photography to another level, comes to us from São Paulo, Brazil. Jamon is living the South American dream with his mom, dad and brother Nero (who is also a micro pig).

PE🐽NY: When did you get Jamon?  We got Jamon in June, 2013, when he was only a little cuddle bug. He was three months old.

PE🐽NY: Where did you get Jamon?  Jamon was born in the countryside of São Paulo, in a tiny city called São Roque.  We did some research on breeders of micro pigs in Brazil (there are not very many) and found Flavia, the owner of a very special farm.  Her farm only raises mini animals for domestic pets (mini goats, mini cows, some chickens, ducks and micro pigs).

PE🐽NY: Have you always wanted a pig? I have always loved animals, all kinds.  I suffered a lot after my dogs passed away from old age.  As a result of that, I researched animal life spans and learned that pigs live longer lives.  It was literally love at first sight with my pigs.  I am excited to grow old with them.

PE🐽NY: Jamon has a cartoon nano series? Yes! We both work in advertising and love to write content in our free time.  Since we had so much success with Jamon and social media outlets, we decided to transform him into a cartoon and bring even more joy to people – and it worked!  The first season features 12 episodes, each one is 15 seconds long.  We are hoping to have his second season go live next year!


PE🐽NY: Jamon has made a few media appearances?  He likes to be on television! Haha! Just kidding. Since Jamon is an unusual pet, many television networks and other media sources have come to us to better understand how to raise a micro pig, why we wanted one, etc.  For us, it is nice to bring attention to people that micro pigs are not so micro, they have special needs, need a lot of attention and they are friends NOT food!!!  We love to have him participate in advertising and some video clips.  Follow Jamon in the media: Mashable, Good Morning America, Veja Magazine, HLN TV, and Wired UK (just to name a few)!

PE🐽NY: Where does Jamon sleep at night? Jamon has his own room that he shares with his brother, Nero (also a pig).  Their room has a big couch, a camping tent, many cushions, a big solarium and they have their very own bathroom (for baths).  I know a lot of pigs that wake up super early, but Jamon does not. He wakes up when he sees us wake up (usually around 8 AM during the week and 9:30 AM on the weekends).  When he is ready for bed at night, he likes to fluff up his pillow on the couch.  He will nudge me off the couch to do it if I am sitting in there with him. Too funny!

PE🐽NY: What are Jamon’s most favorite things to do? Eat. Sleep. REPEAT.


Jamon and his brother, Nero.

PE🐽NY: What are Jamon’s favorite foods? His favorite fruit is watermelon; favorite vegetable is sweet potato; favorite snack is rice crackers and favorite sweet is coconut oil. I feed him small portions throughout the day.  He gets his special piggy food three times a day, and veggies/fruit three times a day (fruit only one serving because of the sugar).

PE🐽NY: Does Jamon have any silly habits? Haha! Jamon barks. When I arrive home, he wags his tail, barks and makes another sound that almost sounds like a monkey.  It’s so funny!  He also likes to pick up my flip-flops and walk around the room wagging his tail and barking. Silly little guy!

PE🐽NY: Do you work during the day? Yes, we both do, but I have a flexible schedule and can come home early to take Jamon for walks sometimes.  In addition to that, we keep someone at the house with the pigs all day long, they have a huge special garden to play in and they have a trainer.

PE🐽NY: What is the best part of having a pig? The love from a pig is AMAZING and pigs can also touch people to change habits and see us as pets and not as food.


PE🐽NY: Do you eat pork? No, I am a vegetarian and have never eaten bacon or pork.  Jamon’s dad stopped eating it a few months after we got him.

PE🐽NY: What is the biggest challenge owning a pig? Their curiosity and their intelligence.  We are constantly improving our home to better receive Jamon and Nero.

PE🐽NY: What is one pig fact that non-pig owners (and pig owners) would be surprised to hear? My pigs are micro compared to regular pigs, but not all “micro pigs” are tiny as people perceive them to be.

PE🐽NY: Any advice for those wanting a pig? Owning a pig is a compromise for life, so do your research before adopting or purchasing one.  They have the same mind as a four year old child and will be like that forever.  They love to play sometimes with the wrong things, they need attention and they DO NOT like change.  Remember: Humans have friends, family an work.  The pigs just have humans.  All pets are like this.

Jamon! Thank you, thank you – to you and your family for sharing your feelings, adventures and accolades with us.  I smiled the whole time I learned and wrote about you, and it makes me ecstatic to share my special blog with someone as extraordinary as you – all the way in South America. I can’t wait to watch your next nano series and continue to smile big when I see your Instagram and Facebook posts! Thank you for being my Outstanding Pig of the Week. Love, PE🐽NY


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