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Meet Isabella Boo Boo.


Somewhere in the midst of Arizona’s painted desert, blooming cacti and blue skies – a little, teeny, tiny 7.2 pound pig plays the day away – and her name is Isabella Boo Boo. This little girl is almost a year-and-a-half. She lives with her mommy and daddy, their kitty, Meeee, and their boxer puppy, Skylar.

PE🐽NY: Have you always wanted a pig? I did want a potbelly pig in high school and my mother said ABSOLUTELY NOT! Other than that, I mostly always wanted a monkey. Haha.

PE🐽NY: What inspired you to get Isabella Boo Boo? We decided on a pig due to animal allergies that I have, and my stepson suffers from asthma and other allergies (he is even allergic to the saliva of Golden Doodles). We researched and learned that a pig was the most hypoallergenic of all animals having hair, not fur.  A pig just seemed right for us. 

PE🐽NY: Where did Isabella Boo Boo come from? All things happen for a reason. I was almost scammed by a breeder in Texas and was very close to impulse buying one of their pigs, until a stranger reached out to me and told me about a lawsuit she was currently involved in. At that point, I really started to do my research. I decided I wanted someone local, so that I could go and see their pigs and build a close relationship. I THANKFULLY found Suzette’s page, AZ Micro Mini Pigs, and started talking with her. My husband and I went and did a farm visit and immediately got on her waiting list.  We were okay with an almost 10-month wait, as we had 2 older boxer dogs at home, both ill with cancer. The long wait allowed us some final time with our dogs. 

PE🐽NY: How did you come up with her name? I really wanted something creative for her name and nothing was sticking except for Isabella. My husband proposed to me on the gondola at the Hyatt in Gainey Ranch, and the name of the boat was Isabella. My 1st Cabbage Patch Kid doll I bought looked like my hubby, but was a girl (lol), and I had named her Isabella… the name kept popping up to me. Boo Boo came from my boxer Bailey who passed away in August ’13. Her full name was Bailey Boo Boo, so I kept her memory alive with Isabella Boo Boo. I call her Boo Boo for short.

PE🐽NY: What are some of her favorite things to do? Isabella loves to sunbathe. Any patch of sun that she can find, she lays. She is now starting to be very playful with our six-month old boxer puppy, Skylar. Boo Boo runs around the house barking and chasing her. Very, very fun to watch. She used to play with our 13-year old cat, Meeee, but he sleeps the days away now. They don’t play much anymore.


PE🐽NY: Where does Isabella Boo Boo sleep? Isabella has her own castle. She has a great pen with a TV, toys, bed, food and litter box. She does NOT sleep with us. I love my sleep and I learned with my old, snoring dogs that this was the time to break the habit of animals in the bedroom. Isabella is very good at sleeping. She stays quiet in the morning until I get up around 8-9 AM.

PE🐽NY: Does she have any silly habits? Her silly habits are her routines with her feeding/bedtime rituals. I feed her a bowl with pellets as she spins for me. Then I turn on her heating pad and heat lamp, and throw some pellets in her toys so she can treasure hunt for them.  Next, I heat up her corn bag in the microwave. If she gets done with her treasure hunt before I get back, she stands on her bed and quacks at me until I give her the corn bag. Finally, she burrows up with it for the night. 

PE🐽NY: Do you work? What does Isabella do during the day? I work from home as a real estate agent, and she usually just goes about her day with some pauses for belly rubs and cuddles. I’ve learned to type well with one hand so she can cuddle on me while I work. 

PE🐽NY: What is the best part of having a pig? The best part of having a pig is all of the attention and smiles that she gets. Isabella Boo Boo makes people happy. One lady almost ran into me storming into a cell phone store as I was coming out. I had Isabella with me. She stopped, looked up  and said, “I was having the worst day and you just made it better!” Things like that make me happy. We get stopped everywhere we go for pictures, and lots of hugs and kisses. 


PE🐽NY: What is the biggest challenge? Having a pig is not like having a dog or a cat, which most people are used to, or expect. It took me a couple of weeks to hold her and it was very frustrating. I thought I would just pick her up like a dog and take her everywhere. The biggest challenge overall is watching for toxic food/plants. I do a sweep of the floor every morning just to make sure my husband didn’t drop any chips or popcorn the night before.  It definitely feels like I’m chasing around a toddler . . ha ha . .”don’t touch this! don’t eat that! put that down!!!”  

PE🐽NY: What is one pig fact that non pig owners (and maybe pig owners) would be surprised to hear? People always ask if she is going to get any bigger. Our breeder truly breeds small pigs and everyone is shocked how little she has stayed. People always ask us if she smells! No she doesn’t. Everyone assumes that because she is a barn/farm animal, that is the case. 

PE🐽NY: Any advice for those wanting a pig? Do your research on a reputable breeder. Make sure to see their SOLD adult pigs, as that is the best way to judge sizing. ALL piglets are small when they are born. Also, talk to previous owners from a breeder you are considering. ONLY get a pig if you truly have the time and patience. I really feel like I have a child. They require a lot of special time and care (as do most animals) but Isabella Boo Boo definitely gets more undivided attention (she coo’s like a baby in my arms and it melts me every time). 

Every single shape and size and kind of pig brings me joy, especially the mini-mini-mini ones. Isabella Boo Boo, YOU ARE AWESOME. You were brought into this world with love, and picked the perfect family to help you continue on your path of love and awesome-ness. We are a huge fan of yours on Instagram and it was amazing to watch you and your brother and sister piggies on ABC’s Sonoran Living. MINI-PIGS DO EXIST!!!! Thank you, Isabella Boo Boo, for being my Outstanding Pig of the Week. Piggy friends for life!!!!!!! Love, PE🐽NY



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