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Meet Blue.


Take yourself to the beautiful beaches of Palm Beach County, Florida. Home of PGA Golf, Vanilla Ice and a beautiful little pig that dons the name Blue Sweetness Duran. As if the town of Wellington didn’t have enough sunshine, Blue adds 45 pounds more. You can find this little princess at home with her Mommy and Daddy and their red-footed tortoise, ball python snake, two sugar gliders and two aquariums.

PE🐽NY: When did you get Blue? We picked her up in October, 2014. She was born August 25, 2014. 

PE🐽NY: Have you always wanted a pig? I have ALWAYS loved pigs but I never thought it was a possibility for me to have one since I didn’t live on a farm. When I moved in with my fiancé I knew we had to have a pet. Naturally, we were looking to rescue a dog. However, I began to research pet pigs and learned they made amazing house pets, and it quickly became clear to us that we had to have one!

PE🐽NY: Where did Blue come from? It just so happened that a friend of ours had a litter of pigs available and it was perfect timing! We ran over to meet the piggies and we instantly fell in love with our sweet Blue. 

PE🐽NY: Did you have to wait long for Blue? Six weeks. I saw a picture of Blue the day she was born on Facebook and that is when I decided I had to have her. It was six weeks from there for her to be healthy and eating on her own so we could take her home.

PE🐽NY: What are Blue’s favorite things to do? Eat, cuddle, root outside, practice tricks and eat some more.

PE🐽NY: Where does she sleep? Most nights she sleeps on the bed with us. Sometimes she will lay in her own bed but finds herself on ours by 5 AM. 


PE🐽NY: Does she have any silly habits? Sounds? Blue makes the funniest sounds when she is laying in our bed and we try to move her. She sounds just like a tiger. As far as silly habits go, ever since she learned how to shut doors she will occasionally slam the door in my face when I’m trying to talk to her. She shuts it really hard so it is hilarious!  

PE🐽NY: What are some of Blue’s favorite snacks? What does she eat? Blue loves Cheerios, blueberries and anything sweet! Surprisingly, she is not the biggest fan of vegetables. As far as her daily feeding goes, she gets piggy pellets four times a day, one large salad and small amounts of fruit and snacks.


PE🐽NY: What does she do during the day? Do you work out of the house? I work in the afternoons and her dad works in the mornings, so Blue spends about five hours alone during the day. I usually wear her out before I leave for work so she naps for most of that time. She does have a doggy door so she is welcome to go outside whenever she wants. We have cameras in the house to check up on her when we are not home. She spends most of her time rooting and napping. 

PE🐽NY: What is the best part of having a pig? Cuddling with her and looking into her beautiful eyes and knowing that we made a difference in a little piggy’s life. I hear and read so many stories of pigs being abandoned or mistreated and it breaks my heart. Blue will never know what that feels like. She also makes a lot of people smile and that’s amazing!

PE🐽NY: What has been the biggest challenge? The biggest challenge is keeping her from getting grass and dirt all over our bed! Since she has the freedom to go outside whenever she wants, I can’t always clean her snout before she jumps on the bed. This means our sheets have to be washed, constantly. LOL.

PE🐽NY: What is one pig fact that others may be surprised to hear? If you have never owned a pig than you would be very surprised to learn how much they understand and how smart they actually are! They are very observant and learn very quickly. Pigs are so smart they learn how to manipulate and get their way so you have to be strict. They also need a lot of mental stimulation. Teaching them tricks and practicing them daily are great ways to do that. You do NOT want a bored piggy in your home. 

PE🐽NY: Any advice for those wanting a pig? Please do your research and do not buy a pig on impulse just because they are cute. Pigs require a lot of time and patience. They can get sick and require expensive vet bills. (For example, entropian is a common eye problem that pigs encounter. Blue had to have surgery for this. It not only required several trips to the vet, but also time off of work to take care of her during the healing process). If you are unable to take care of a pig like you would your own child, I do not recommend getting one. However, if you have the time, patience and are serious about spending the next 20 years with your new companion, a pig will make an EXCELLENT pet. I could not imagine my life without Blue. (READ MORE ABOUT ENTROPIAN IN PIGS HERE)

Beautiful Blue! We loved learning all about you! Your special name represents one of the colors in a rainbow. At its most basic form, rainbows happen when sunlight and raindrops combine in a very specific way. Just like you finding your family, and them you – what a harmonious and beautiful combination. We love seeing your cute little face on Instagram daily. Thank you for being my Outstanding Pig of the Week, Blue. You are sure a special one. Love, PE🐽NY


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