Sweetest friends. My name is Lauren, and I am Peony’s mom.

Sooooooo . . .there are a few questions almost EVERYONE asks me if I’m out and about with my piglet. Why do I have a pig? Where does she sleep? Where did I get her? Do I eat bacon?

I have wanted my very own, real-live pig since I was five years old, maybe even younger. I grew up with my family buying me stuffed pigs, and guinea pigs and anything “pig-like!” I have a pug . . (they’re kind of piggish..right? . .lol). At 35 years old, that dream came true for me. A very special person gave her to me as a gift (aside from my son, ummm…………….best gift E-VER!!!!!). It went down like this . . .I was asked if I wanted a pig . . (now, if you know me than you know how OCD I am, and I researched my breeder for over 10 years,etc). Peony came from Oregon from Patty’s Royal Dandies. Patty has been breeding piglets for 30 years . . . Peony is a Royal Dandie extreme.  I found Patty years and years ago when I was researching getting a pig.  There weren’t as many breeders as there are now, and pigs as pets were even rarer. I had to assess my life at the time, and NO, it was not perfect for a sweet little piglet, but I know myself, and I CAN, and DO make anything work, and so, ” I SAID YES!!!!!” You only live once, you know….  A few months later, my baby arrived. She came from Patty, from a little farm in Oregon.  There she was . . .in a kennel . . .at the airport. . .and our love affair began.

I brought her home, took her out and tried to hold her, and she screamed…. OMG. It was an experience and a journey like I could have never imagined. I called Patty like every 7 minutes. I slept on my tile floor with her for a week, so she would cuddle me and trust me and love me. My little 7 year old, sweetest son on the earth, Winston, did the same.  Asia, our pug, too! Somehow, we all found our way.

Here we are today, still learning the piggy way, but we laugh every-single-day. I thank God for my sweet family and my sweet fur family always. Pigs are smart, and loving, and stubborn and little creatures of habit. Peony has brought so much love into my life, at a time when I needed it most. Just like God gave me my son, when I needed him most.  Love always finds a way.

Peony sleeps with me in the bed. I know, I know. What can I say. That may have to change one day, but let me tell you… that piglet snuggles better than ANYTHING OR ANYBODY! Downside- sweet baby girl, wakes up, without fail, at 5:30 AM every single day. We are working on that whole situation.

In the last few months, I have met the coolest and most dynamic people and pigs. I still call Patty all the time to ask her questions about Peony and she also helps me answer questions for other pig owners – 30 years of pig breeding experience is hard to compete with!

Love, Lauren

PS. No, I do not eat bacon, or anything pork related.

 PPS. Peony’s name comes from my absolute most favorite flower in the world, a Peony.

PPPS. I have visited the pig lovers iconic natural paradise – The Swimming Pigs of the Exumas a few years ago. One of the happiest days of my life.


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